Promotion Portfolio

Executive Summary


Primary Scholarship: Following my two pre-tenure books of poetry I have had three full-length books accepted for publication by award-winning independent presses: A Conjoined Book (published by Omnidawn Press in 2014); Of Sphere (winner of the Essay Press Prize, published in November 2017); and Blood Feather (forthcoming from Tupelo Press in 2019).

Secondary Scholarship: Deeply invested in the context of contemporary poetry I have continued to publish reviews and essays online and in anthologies published by venues such as the University of Michigan Press. In addition to my continued work as the reviews editor of the Constant Critic I started SplitLevel Texts, a small press that has published two full-length titles of contemporary poetry each year since 2012.


Through course design that emphasizes consistent practice, creative critique, and larger contexts, my poetry workshops strive towards effective teaching by going beyond the traditional critique group. Final projects include tangible outcomes such as hand-made books and public poetry readings.

Literature courses emphasize consistent practice, creative critique, and larger contexts with the goal of creating a living model of the way literature and theory can help us think through difficult questions of art and life. Students internalize this model by connecting the traditions of literature and theory with their own contexts and creative practices.

Across courses I select a diversity of course texts and approaches to help all students gain the authority to tell their own stories and to connect with the experiences of others.


Along with stewardship of our creative writing program I offer strategic thinking towards the future program we would like to be. Through developing our curriculum, acting as a key member on our program committees, and by working to help realize the Creative Writing Fellow position I have taken a leadership role towards our future Department of English and Creative Writing.

Through my work on the Provost’s Ad Hoc Committee on Faculty Scholarship and as chair of the Faculty Scholarship Committee I have strengthened the culture of faculty scholarship at Susquehanna, playing a central role in shifting the attention of our community towards recognizing and supporting the inspiring work that our colleagues continue to perform. 


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