Of Sphere


Selected by Carla Harryman for the 2016 Essay Press Prize, Of Sphere will be released November 1st and will premiere at a reading and conversation about new work with Jen Bervin and Celina Su at McNally Jackson Books on October 23rd. 

A lyric meditation on affect, relationality, and environment, Of Sphere conjures a self and world that both bloom and fall apart. Given this continually unfastening attempt to make a cosmos—to equip, adorn, dress, ornament—what, this essayist wonders, is it to know, and love, and be? In constellation with the experimental prose of writers such as Hélène Cixous, Clarice Lispector, and H.D., the book investigates ways a woman, aware she’s always becoming gendered, might resist sealing into a character according to cultural norms. The book is built of imaginative, lyric prose interlayered with poetic fragments and is followed by a section of micro-essays framed as notes.